Tuesday 9 April 2013

Happy Days!

Its been a while since I last posted. Ive been busy:-)

In February I went off to Udaipur in India to paint for two weeks with Ken Howard, Peter Brown, Tony Dakin , Patrick Cullen and David Bachman. We had a fantastic time ..but it was exhuasting. Tony, Pete and I all did over 50 oil paintings/Sketches. Painting amongst the chaos that is India was a fabulous and crazy experience, made even better by the fantastic company.
I have posted a few of my efforts below. Cant wait to returm..maybe next year!

Since returning I have been painting like crazy as I have a lot of work to do this year. I thought I would have an easy year as I have dropped out of most of the galleries that I was in just to concentrate on painting for paintings sake and to try and get better. However whilst I was in India I was invited to show in a mixed marine show in Cape Cod in August at Trees Place Gallery with my friend Don Demers and three others. So I have to get a dozen pictures to ship across the pond.

Then my great friend Tony decided to put on a show for the two of us in Cork Street in October. If anyone wants an invite let me know. We will both about 70 pictures each on show.

If that wasnt enough I have work in The Wapping Group show in September in Chris Beetles Gallery, Mayfair, The 3rd plein air Brotherhood show in A K Wilson Gallery, The Rye Society of Artists show and the Autumn Battersea art Fair with Habasco....no pressure then...and I still got to do my day job:-)  Dont think Im going to be able to kick my finger nail biting habit just yet...

I have lost nearly a stone in weight in last 4 weeks though thanks to a change in lifestyle and fantastic diet.. one and a half stone left to get rid of before I fit back into my old wedding suit..Thats it for now. Pictures posted below are from my Indian trip, weekends since back and last week in Cornwall
Across the boating lake Udaipur 12 x 16

The Chai Stop Udaipur 10 x 8

The Clock Tower 16 x 12

Kumbleghar Fort !0 x 8

Chantry, Lake Pichola 16 x 12

Early morning on market road, Udaipur 10 x 8

Auto rick study 12 x 12...paid this bloke 100 rupees fare to sit there and not drive off..£1.50  He thought I was nuts for sure:-)

Tony Painting..Takes spectators to a new level

Ken at work..How he has such energy at 80 I dont know..Felt privaledged to work with him again

Path through the Dunes 10 x 20
Moody day Rye harbour 12 x 16
Easter monday, Mousehole 12 x 16
Bossiney cliffs 22 x 28

Used my old french easel for this and was large by my standards for a plein air painting. Havent used my old french easel for two or three years but had to resort to it as my OBM was blown over two days before going to Cornwall
The palette was smashed badly and the ball head of my tripod was sheared clean off. I was really annoyed but actually it did me a favour as it meant I could try some bigger panels which I really enjoyed and I will be doing all summer now
Elephant Rock 20 x 20

Ive been visiting this place since I was 7 years old and it hasnt changed nor will it ever I doubt. Thought it would be simple to paint..how wrong I was:-(


  1. Good to see you back Karl, and with what a work!! Smashing indeed. Sorry for your openbox and tripod, can you ment it?!

    The last one sure does read fine by me, but then again I'm living in flatland.

    Anyhow, glad to see you here again.

  2. A superb selection of paintings.

  3. Another great collection of paintings - you're on fire. Sounds like a busy schedule ahead! (Time to give up the day job ;-) )

  4. Some great work Karl. Your India pictures in particular have a new freshness and feel. The atmosphere must inspire you in different ways.

  5. Great work you have , like to look at plein air paintings and these are fantastic .......

  6. You just get better and better Karl - great collection!

  7. Lovely art blog :) some very good art works..I too have a fine art blog. hope you like..have a look: http://www.fineartandyou.com/
    Nice to connect :)

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