Monday, 1 October 2012

First post for almost a year!

Well its been almost a year since I last idea where the time has gone. Ive been busy and had some great painting trips, not least going to Santorini with Ken Howard RA in May. That said I havent done any where near as much work as Id have liked . Had 4 days in Norfolk last week which was great and probably the most productive Ive been all year. It was an almost perfect trip apart from 1 wet day and the fact they I fell out with a good painter friend of mine without knowing how? strange sometimes.Ill try and post more regularly and keep this more up todate. Below Ive attached a few of the 24 plein air sketches I did in Norfolk.Lots  and lots of boats..but thats Norfolk! A couple of these pictures are among those that I have on exhibition at The Plein Air Brotherhoods second show at A K Wilson Gallery starting today. Link to show as follows;

7am Burnham overy Staith 6 x 8
8am Burnham Overy Staith 6 x 8

Afternoon light, Blakeney 12 x 16
At Rest 10 x 8...available for sale at A K WILSON GALLERY
Distant Mist Blakeney Point..painted in rain inside NT lookout hut
Blue boat study 6x8
Tethered together 6 x 8
boat study 8 x 16
Ebb Tide Burnham Overy 12 x 16

Afternoon, Burnham Overy Staithes 12 x 16

last light Brancaster 6 x 8

early morning Burnham Overy 6 x 18

heading out Blakeney 6 x 10

setting sail 4 x 4 smallest quickest oil sketch Ive ever done!

Sun down Brancaster 6 x 8