Sunday, 26 September 2010

finished off my latest studio painting

Well Ive finally finished off ( Maybe thats te right phrase) my latest studio painting. I enjoyed doing it but its completely different to paint outside on a small scale. In many ways I find it much more difficult especially only using the study for reference. Maybe I should have taken some reference photos to help. Will have to try and remember to take photos of the scene when I finish painting outside. Im definately going to try lots more big ones in the studio especially when the clocks go back in a few weeks time. Anyway here it is.

Udimore Pines 30" x 40" oil on canvas

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Some from The past week

 Havent done a huge amount of painting for last two weeks, hence the reason I havent updated this blog. Ive been working on a big studio painting that Im donating to Benenden School Trust which they will auction in  November. I missed last weeks Wapping trip but went this week to Richmond which was great. It was a lovely day and well attended with well over half the Wapping Group turning out and at a guess about 6 guests. Next wednesday is the last Wapping day of the year which is at Greenwich when the season is finished with Whitebait Supper. After that Im off to Maine for 8 days on Saturday..I cant wait. Ive just gessoed 30 boards, hope to use them all:-) Also this week my work is in a mixed show of still lives at Avery Contemporary Art in Cranbrook and at The Battle Contemporary Art Fair.Thats it!

Johns view Wittersham  12 x 12

Udimore Pines 30" x 40" worknot yet finished

On the Thames at Richmond 12 x 16
By the Lock Bridge  9 x 12, Richmond...wonky figure need sorting :-)
Late Afternoon Richmond Bridge 12 x 16

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Latest work

Well havent had much time at all to paint lately which is a bit depressing. Last wednesday I went to Hoo Marina near Rochester with the Wapping Group. It was very interesting and despite the weather being very poor to start it ended up as a very nice day. I didnt do as much as usual just 2  16 x 12s. I spent alot of time looking around in particular at the Ships Grave yard. There must be at least 20 redundant Thames Barges in different states of decay, all tethered together on the waters edge. At low tide it was quite a sight but difficult to make work as a painting. There were also a couple ofvery nice barges which I always enjoy painting. On staurday I only managed to get time to do one painting in Rye. I found a great little corner up by the church but alas the idea was better than the execution :-) Supposed to be of to Mortlake Brewery tomorrow with Wapping Group but not so sure I can afford the time this week. Only 2 and half weeks to my trip to Maine, so lots to do.
Thames Barge at Hoo  16 x 12
Barge Graveyard Hoo  12 x 16
St Marys, Rye 16 x 12

Monday, 6 September 2010

latest paintings

Well Ive had one of those really frustrating periods where Ive honestly felt like giving up. I went painting last week in Faversham for the whole day with firends and for the very first time ever didnt finish a painting . Infact I sneaked off and ad lunch and then had a nap by the river. I wiped one effort out and snapped another and then just watched the others paint whilst waiting to go home. Probably my worst painting day ever. I then decided to go out and paint something Ifelt familiar with to try and make myself feel better and sort of get back on track. I did two paintings , one 12 x 16 of pine trees at Udimore and the other 16 x 12 of an old oak on the corner of a field near Rolvenden. Neither are great but theyre a whole lot better than anything else Ive done for a my opinion anyway. I really enjoyed the corner of the field painting and Have decided I have more of an affinity to this sort of subkject..perhaps I just find it easier to paint :-) Thats it for now. If the weather is okay Im off to Hooe Marina on wedsday.
Udimore Pines 2  12 x 16
A corner of the field 16x 12