Monday, 6 September 2010

latest paintings

Well Ive had one of those really frustrating periods where Ive honestly felt like giving up. I went painting last week in Faversham for the whole day with firends and for the very first time ever didnt finish a painting . Infact I sneaked off and ad lunch and then had a nap by the river. I wiped one effort out and snapped another and then just watched the others paint whilst waiting to go home. Probably my worst painting day ever. I then decided to go out and paint something Ifelt familiar with to try and make myself feel better and sort of get back on track. I did two paintings , one 12 x 16 of pine trees at Udimore and the other 16 x 12 of an old oak on the corner of a field near Rolvenden. Neither are great but theyre a whole lot better than anything else Ive done for a my opinion anyway. I really enjoyed the corner of the field painting and Have decided I have more of an affinity to this sort of subkject..perhaps I just find it easier to paint :-) Thats it for now. If the weather is okay Im off to Hooe Marina on wedsday.
Udimore Pines 2  12 x 16
A corner of the field 16x 12


  1. Hello, just discovered your blog (I saw your artwork on the Bath Prize gallery which I'm also entering this year) and just wanted to say don't give up as I think your work is great and we all have good days and bad days and self doubt :-) Even the greatest, Edward Seago, asked his family in his will to destroy a third of paintings after his death as he considered they weren't worth keeping!
    Anyway, looking forward to see your work at the Bath Prize exhibition.
    Valérie Pirlot

  2. Good God - if this is an off day for you it's not showing. Will take a look at the rest. Really like these two.