Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 58

Well since returning from Antibes Im dissapointed to say until today I havent painted. Thats at least 3 if not 4 days in  total. That said if you add all the paintings Ive done up in the last 59 days I think Ive still managed almost 1 a day :-) The weather has been awful since my return and also Ive just been so busy. Today I have spent a few hours sorting things out in my studio . Touching up paintings that have been damaged and I started a 20 x 30 studio painting of a parasol pine based on one of my studies from the past week. Have spent 2 hours on it so far but probably need one or two more hits another day. Im hoping this week to get back on schedule and start doing one painting a day. Perhaps I should have called my blog 1 painting every other day or so :-)

1st hit Parasol Pine Cap D Antibes 20 x 30
Larger painting wit study.I havent copied it exactly but just using it as reference. When its done Im going to attempt more ambitious one about 6ft x 4ft
My studio 1
My studio from above

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Days 43 to 54

Well I havent posted anything for several days as I have been away. First I went to Suffolk for four dayswith my family.Had hoped to do a few paintings but poured hard the whole time. So just did 2 pictures outside and a couple of crappy still lifes. Then I went back to work for a day before heading out to South of France . Met up and painted with my friend Paul eah day. Had a wonderful time, but again the weather wasnt fantastic apart from on the Saturday. Have posted most of what Ive been up to but have a few more to photograph. Back to normal now will try again to do something most days, but for sure its going to prove difficult :-)

The Beach at Dunwich Suffolk 12 x 16

Still life of lemons 6 x 8

Still life of mushrooms 6 x 8

Woodbridge from Sutton Hoo, Suffolk  12 x 16

Parasol Pine Cap D'Antibes 12 x 16

Sunlit Rocks Juan Les Pins 11 x 16

Parasol Pines 2 Cap D'Antibes

The Rail Crossing Mougines 8 x 10

Beautiful Villa Mougines 12 x 16

still life of 'Dorades' Casa Rafferty, Mougines 12 x 16

Wet Afternoon St Paul de Vence 12 x16

On the Road to Grasse 8 x 10

Towards Monaco from St John Cap Ferrat

Friday, 12 February 2010

Away for 12 days

Im afraid I wont be posting anything for next 12 days as I will be away on holiday. When I get back I will hopefully have lots to add. Good news on Wapping Group front as today I found out that I have been accepted as a candidate. This means I can paint with them all season and apply for full membership in Feb 2010.. Just have to paint well :-)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

day 42

Had a great day today. Had to go to London and couldnt have worked if Id wanted to as I woke up to 7 inches of snow. Treacherous drive for 1st half hour and then amazingly at Maidstone no sign of any snow.
Got to London at 1pm only to find  that Id left my tripod at home. Fortunately I had my little pochade box with me, so was able to do two little studys. Sat in Trafalgar square and painted with David Bachmann and Roy Connelly, and it was SO cold I couldnt feel my fingers. At 6pm had to hand my work in for viewing by selection committe of Wapping Group in the amazing rooms of the London Sketch Clubon Dilke Street. No idea how it went, probably wont find out for a few days. Whislt waiting the two hours for the committe to look, David kindly took me to the studio of his Lebanese painter friend in Tite Street called Romanos Moukarzel. ..a lovely guy and good painter.I felt a bit out of my depth as both he and David have done alot of portrait painting and Ive done absolutely none! The model was lovely but I felt awkward sitting on a little stool in the corner with my 6 x 8 pochade box. Would have felt much more comfortable standing at an easel. Anyhow I did my very first portrait..not a complete disater e=seeing as I only had a little over an hour on it, but lots to learn. I dont think Ill make a portrait painter though. The photo quality is awful as taken on my Blackberry again!
Into the sun through Marble Arch 6 x 8

Trafalgar square 6 x8

My first ever oil portrait 8 x 10

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 41

Well had busy morning at work although interrupted by several phone calls :-)
Snowed a little bit tis afternoon but didnt settle . Drove down to The River Rother at about 3.30 and did little pochade study with Chris. When we finished it started snowing very heavily. Tomorrow if weather is not to bad Im going to London all day to paint and then handing my paintings into the selection  committe of the Wapping Group for which I am applying for canditure.I doubt very much that I will post anything tomorrow as it will be a very late night. Ive got some reasonable pictures to hand in but not holding by breath :-)

The Rother from Iden Lock 6 x 8

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

PD 40

No painting during the day, but came home to find my wife Jo had set up a still life of pomegranates and Denby plate for me! How nice of her. By god pomegranates are hard to paint though..give me a fish anyday. All good experience I guess. I think the pomegrantaes could do with another hit when the paints a bit dry..abit splodgy at the moment.I was quite pleased with my knife though :-)
Pomegranates and Denby plate 12 x 12 oil on board

Monday, 8 February 2010

Day 39

Well had a busy morning at work and then the weather turned bad. Had hoped to find some snow on the North Downs and ended up painting small pochade study in van at Bredgar ducik ponds with Chris. Really enjoyable and something I wouldnt have painted, but Chris fancied it. Very dark and close tond and my oor photo with blackberry doesnt help:-)
Bredgar Duckpond, winter  6 x 8

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day 38

Didnt get out to paint today..had a family day, went for a walk in woods and had nice sunday lunch and shandy in pub. Got back and spent last two hours doing mediocre still life. Chris lent me his lustre jug to paint.. I know why now, setting me a challenge..what a difficult subject! I just stuck it on the table with my new book ..The biography of William Nicholson by his third wfe/partner Margeurite Stein. Well results are below. Hopefully paint outside tomorrow!
Chis's lustre jug and Nicholson 12 x 16 oil on board

Saturday, 6 February 2010

PD 37 Bad painting day :-)

Having had the day offf yesterday I was very happy to get out painting this afternoon. Whilst I really enjoyed myself I just couldnt get in the groove today and it was one of those days where painting feels impossible. I went to Rock Channel in Rye and spent nearly 2 hours labouring a way on a painting I should have given up on after half an hour..complete rubbish. I then drove back to the levels and started an 8 x 10 of the sun going down which I scrubbed out after 25 mins. Finally I did alittel 15 m 6 x 8 study..again not my best! I did say it was a warts and all blog so I will post both, but not proud :-) Maybe tomorrow I will do better. Certainly hope so.

12 x 16 Red  & blue boat Rock Channel
15min study on the levels  6 x 8

Day 36

Well for the first time since New Years Day I didnt paint..failure:-)
I had all good intentions, had my box ready, but just didnt find the time. I could have cheated and held back paintings when I have done more than one a day but it doesnt really matter does it. Hopefully Ill get something done today after I have done all my chores. Lots of DIY to do for my wife:-) Thats it for now

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Day 35

Just a very quick sketch today. Small 6 x 8 of Rye Fish market. Nearly lost the light before I even started but that in a way makes things easier as it simplifies everything. Only one more day and then the weekend. Then a week at work and then a week off split between Suffolk and South of France. Cant wait!

Last Light Rye Fish Market 6 x 8

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Day 34

Well went to Dungeness after work and bought some fish for tea. Ive been reading a fantastic book about the life of William Nicholson..boy was he a good painter. He was a master at still life and its not until you have a go at something as simple as a fish that realise just how good he was! Inspired by Nicholson I bought the most exotic fish on display a Jon Dory and some half a dozen fresh Rye Bay scallops that my 7 year old son adores. I painted this 12 x 16 study before eating it ..yum!
Thanks for everybodys comments greatly appreciated. I understand your message Rene, but I love painting and if I sound frustrated its because I cant do more of it. I dont think Im doing any harm or diminshing my enthusiasm for trying todo something everyday. I dont see it as any different to someone carrying a sketch book!
Thats it for today hope weater is better tommorrow oterwise I will have to think of another still life subject.

Jon Dory and Scallop 12 x 16 oil on board

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 33

Well as much as I really want to paint one a day its really proving difficult! Im so busy at work its proving nearly impossible to find the time every day, and Ive been getting up early. Yesterday doesnt really count although I did post an apple! Tonight I spent an hour on a small 6 x 8 study of wallnuts and a nut cracker. Not very good but actually very challenging as I just layed them out randomly on my oak table. Everything very close in colour and tone, which made it a real struggle! Painting isnt supposed to be easy so I guess it was good practice. No laughing or rude comments please. Lets hope Ican paint in the landscape somewhere tomorrow. Apologies for poor photo tonight taken on my blackberry and emailed to computer. I really couldnt be bothered to go to hassle of photographing with camera and uploading to computer!

Monday, 1 February 2010

day 32

Well today i just about failed .. I tried to make time but was just too busy to paint. I got home had my dinner and just wasnt in the mood. I set up a still life, spent an hour painting which I enjoyed but it looked like I scrubbed it all out.. i was going to try again but have had enough and am going to watch that I can post something I did a sketch which sums it up today.. lets hope I can do something tomorrow!