Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 58

Well since returning from Antibes Im dissapointed to say until today I havent painted. Thats at least 3 if not 4 days in  total. That said if you add all the paintings Ive done up in the last 59 days I think Ive still managed almost 1 a day :-) The weather has been awful since my return and also Ive just been so busy. Today I have spent a few hours sorting things out in my studio . Touching up paintings that have been damaged and I started a 20 x 30 studio painting of a parasol pine based on one of my studies from the past week. Have spent 2 hours on it so far but probably need one or two more hits another day. Im hoping this week to get back on schedule and start doing one painting a day. Perhaps I should have called my blog 1 painting every other day or so :-)

1st hit Parasol Pine Cap D Antibes 20 x 30
Larger painting wit study.I havent copied it exactly but just using it as reference. When its done Im going to attempt more ambitious one about 6ft x 4ft
My studio 1
My studio from above

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