Saturday, 6 February 2010

PD 37 Bad painting day :-)

Having had the day offf yesterday I was very happy to get out painting this afternoon. Whilst I really enjoyed myself I just couldnt get in the groove today and it was one of those days where painting feels impossible. I went to Rock Channel in Rye and spent nearly 2 hours labouring a way on a painting I should have given up on after half an hour..complete rubbish. I then drove back to the levels and started an 8 x 10 of the sun going down which I scrubbed out after 25 mins. Finally I did alittel 15 m 6 x 8 study..again not my best! I did say it was a warts and all blog so I will post both, but not proud :-) Maybe tomorrow I will do better. Certainly hope so.

12 x 16 Red  & blue boat Rock Channel
15min study on the levels  6 x 8

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