Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Day 34

Well went to Dungeness after work and bought some fish for tea. Ive been reading a fantastic book about the life of William Nicholson..boy was he a good painter. He was a master at still life and its not until you have a go at something as simple as a fish that realise just how good he was! Inspired by Nicholson I bought the most exotic fish on display a Jon Dory and some half a dozen fresh Rye Bay scallops that my 7 year old son adores. I painted this 12 x 16 study before eating it ..yum!
Thanks for everybodys comments greatly appreciated. I understand your message Rene, but I love painting and if I sound frustrated its because I cant do more of it. I dont think Im doing any harm or diminshing my enthusiasm for trying todo something everyday. I dont see it as any different to someone carrying a sketch book!
Thats it for today hope weater is better tommorrow oterwise I will have to think of another still life subject.

Jon Dory and Scallop 12 x 16 oil on board

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