Sunday, 21 November 2010

studio paintings

Well Ive just had two whole days manning the old gaol. Its a lovely spave but after spending two boring days there last weekend , I decided to go prepared to paint between talking to visitors. I didnt get that much done, but did a couple of landscapes and a still life of Irises and eucalyptus. Hopefully Ill get out sometime this week. Next week Im off to Venice :-) Hard life...
Purple Irises, Eucalyptus and Chamberlain W/C 20 x 16
Kingston Barges 16 x 20 studio painting

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Old Gaol

Well finally my Old Gaol studio is open. I had the preview on Friday night and we had a great turn out..over 200 people. I didnt really know what to expect but it went well and 9 pictures were sold. Saturday was busy too but sunday was deadly! I sat there from 10 am until 4pm and only had 4 visitors.It was disgusting weather though. Its on for another week and then it will be used mainly as a studio not a gallery. It will be open by appointment if anybody is passing and wants a look. I have posted a couple of pictures of the gaol and of the small 6 x 8 still lifes I did on sunday to eleviate the boredom :-) This weekend I will set up a proper still life and do something more ambitious.
The Old Gaol opening night
Fresias 8 x 6

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Back in the beautiful Kent Landscape.

Well in the last month Ive painted all over the inclnuding Maine and London but have not painted the place I love best..home! I live in a truly beautiful area and sometimes it takes me a few trips away to realise Im taking it for granted. I havent painted much the last week but was joined by my friend Roy Connelly for an hour on the river Rother yesterday and today I went to the neighbouring village of Peasmarsh and did two paintings before being rained off. Id hoped to have stayed out all day but stulpidloly I forgot my coat and just got too cold.  For a change today I did something I felt reasonably happy with .My first one was really just a tree study, but with the autumn colours it was begging to be painted. As my friend Roy said These autumn colours are natures gift to painters :-) Thats it for now..lets :-)

4pm on the Rother  8 x 10

Afternoon Light Peasmarsh  8 x 16

Autumn Trees Peasmarsh 12 x 16