Sunday, 7 November 2010

Back in the beautiful Kent Landscape.

Well in the last month Ive painted all over the inclnuding Maine and London but have not painted the place I love best..home! I live in a truly beautiful area and sometimes it takes me a few trips away to realise Im taking it for granted. I havent painted much the last week but was joined by my friend Roy Connelly for an hour on the river Rother yesterday and today I went to the neighbouring village of Peasmarsh and did two paintings before being rained off. Id hoped to have stayed out all day but stulpidloly I forgot my coat and just got too cold.  For a change today I did something I felt reasonably happy with .My first one was really just a tree study, but with the autumn colours it was begging to be painted. As my friend Roy said These autumn colours are natures gift to painters :-) Thats it for now..lets :-)

4pm on the Rother  8 x 10

Afternoon Light Peasmarsh  8 x 16

Autumn Trees Peasmarsh 12 x 16


  1. I said it time and time over to Rob (painting Wales diary) that the UK should be a world heritage, ... that NO changes should be allowed, that everything should be conserved and that they should call the UK "painters heaven" You given just the proof of it why this should be done!

    Btw. the last one goes right onto my desktop!!

    A awesomely stunningly superbingly beauty!

  2. Nice work as always, particularly like, 'On the Rother'.