Saturday, 30 October 2010

First post for ages!

Well since I returned from the states I  have had very little time to paint. Infact Ive only done 4 paintings in the last two weeks, which is probably the least productive Ive been in the last 4 years! Ive had so much to do not least trying to get The Old Gaol studios ready for my forthcoming show that statrs on 12th November. I hope its going to be a good event and I have been very well supported by my painting friends. There are going to be some real gems on display. John Stillman, Trevor Chamberlain , David Bachmann and Peter Robson have already delivered their work and now Im just waiting for Roy connelly, Chris Daynes, Mike Richardson and Rowan Crews. Im excited to see what they will bring. Last week I joined Mike Richardson at Strand on the Green where we painted all day and then we visited the Affordable Art Fair at Batterse where we were both exhibiting with Enid Lawson. I had a dissapointing show there this year and only sold one. Compared to the 7 I sold last year it wasnt very good. Worst of all I thought I gave better work this year...maybe Im getting worse not better! Anyway below Ive posted 3 from last sunday and a couple of tasters of whats going to be in the Old Gaol :-)
Strand on the Green 16 x 12
Dusk Battersea Embankment 8 x 10
Morning light, Strand on the Green 12 x 16
Pines at Alatar Seville by David Bachmann...I love this!
Working Tug at Gravesend, watercolour by Trevor Chamberlain


  1. Oooh those last three are really good!!

    But Trevor beats all, ... if only I good a % of his watercolors I would trow away my oils!

    Welcome back btw. and now rush out and PAINT!! (jk)

  2. I love your work! I just came across your blog. I'll be following, so keep on posting!