Monday, 11 October 2010


Well Ive just returned from 8 great days in MAine. The weather was very mixed but managed to paint everyday even in the rain. When it got to bad too stand out Chris and I just sat in the front seat of the Dodge Charger hire car..not a great idea when you are as messy as me. It was fantastic meeting up with my American friends and to have the opportunity to paint with them. As well as meeting Skip Whitcomb, George Strickland, Ken Bachaus, John Budicin and Don Demers that I already know I got to meet and make friends with Stuart Fullerton, Steve Curry, Mark Rittorno, Ray Roberts and Christopher Blossom. It was very interesting to see everybodies different kit and approach , especially choice of subject matter. As usual the week went far to quickly but hopefully this will now be an annual event. Not necessarily in Maine but at different locations throughout the States. Anyway below Ive posted some images of my work and painting friends. I didnt do as much painting as I ordinarily would have as we also spent alot of time sightseeing, eating, drinking and talking :-)
Before the rain, East Boothbay 12 x16
Boat House East Boothbay 12 x 12
Another boat House 12 x 12
Afternoon light Boothbay Harbour 8 x 16
George Strickland, Cosy Harbour
Wet day Ocean Point boothebay 8 x 10
Add captionohn Budicin at Pemaquid Rocks, with Chris Daynes, Skip Whitcomb and George Strickland
Ken Backhaus at Cosy Harbour.
Late Afternoon Light Cosy Harbour 8 x 16
Mark Rittorno at Pemaquid

Morning light, King Phillips Trail, Boothbay 12 x 16

Parked up by the rocks on Southport Island 8 x 10

Towards Monhegan Island 8 x 10

A great new friend..Stuart Fullerton

Cosy harbour fishermans huts 12 x 12

Lobster boat 8 x 10
Pemaquid Rocks 12 x 16
Skip Whitcombs painting of Pemaquid Rocks
Skip at work


  1. Fantastic works! Amazing stuff!You really rocked that trip!

  2. Perfect work, congratulations!