Thursday, 28 April 2011

Good News

Well I have some good news to post today. Yesterday I was accepted as a member of the Wapping Group of Painters. Its great news for me as not only is it the oldest plein air painting group in the uk but it means I get an excuse to paint every Wednesday during the summer months with a group of friendly like minded painters:-)

I did paint yesterday but not very well and I only did two all day... Then today I went to Jeff and Sandra Becks house to paint the bluebells..had a great time and found so much subject matter that Im really excited about going back. Anyway here are my efforts

afternoon light london Apprentice 8 x10
River Hall Bluebells
Sandra Bs wagon 8 x !0
Isleworth Tug 8 x10

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Some from Pinn Mill and Camber

Had a great couple of days. Went to Pinn Mill in Suffolk yesterday with Chris Daynes. We set off at 6 am and got home at midnight. Its a great painting venue..hard to beat infact but its also been painted alot. I actually started 9 paintings but only ended up with 7. Alot of the same images but at different times. The three sunset ones were painted one after the other i  quick succesion. Today I spent a nice afternoon at Camber with my family, friends and pochade box. Did 4 quick small sketches.  Now got a week off so should get quite a few paintings done. On Wednesday I hand in to the wapping Group to see if I become a member. Im not holding my breath, but will wait and see. Thats it for now.
Early morning light Pinn Mill 6 x 8
Early morning light 2  6 x 12
Smack at Pinn Mill 6 x 8
Picnic on the banks of the Orwell, Buttermans Bay 12 x 16
boat at Pinn Mill 8 x 10
sunset Pinn Mill 6 x 8
Sunset Pinn Mill 2  6 x 8
Under the Parasol Camber 6 x 8
walking the dog camber 6 x8
watching the yachts go by  6 x 8
busy beach 8 x 10

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

latest paintings.

Ive been back from holiday two weeks now. Ive done a few paintings but nowhere near as many as I would have liked to. Had one afternoon in London , a day in Camber and 2 hours in a friends garden..thats it! Have also been struggling to try and paint 3 big studio paintings..Havent uploaded those yet as theyre not finished..I will finish them off one way or another. Off to Pinn Mill on Good friday so hopefully will get something worth posting. In the mean time these are my latest efforts.
Camber 1 6 x 8

camber 2  6 x 8

camber 3  8 x10

camber 4   8 x 16

distant rye  8 x10

from london bridge 12 x 16

Mikes Garden 16 x 12

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Havent posted on my blog for ages, but have just spent two glorious weeks in the Seychelles. Went there to celebrate my wife Joannas 40th birthday and it was the chill pill I needed. I was allowed to take my easel and did 25 paintings in total..two a day more or less. I had some great experiences and snorkelled on th reef with my son Tobias and swam with Turtles, sharks and sting rays. I also met The most famous artist on the Seychelles, Michael Adams and his daughter. I enjoyed their company and hospitality and hope to revisit one day. Below is a selection of my work from the trip
on L`Union Estate La Digue Island  12 x 16
Sunset St Piere Island 8 x 10
Jo looking towards praslin 8 x 10
sunset over Praslin 6 x 12
Jules Juice Bar La Digue  8 x 10
On the Beach Praslin 6 x 12
Praslin Palms 1   12 x 16

Praslin palms 2  12 x 16

Lunch under the badamier tree  8 x 10

Under the trees La digue  12 x 16

Towards Praslin 12 x16

Palm study 12 x 16
St Pierre Island  6 x 8
Anse Lazio 12 x 16
Praslin sunset 6x 8