Thursday, 28 April 2011

Good News

Well I have some good news to post today. Yesterday I was accepted as a member of the Wapping Group of Painters. Its great news for me as not only is it the oldest plein air painting group in the uk but it means I get an excuse to paint every Wednesday during the summer months with a group of friendly like minded painters:-)

I did paint yesterday but not very well and I only did two all day... Then today I went to Jeff and Sandra Becks house to paint the bluebells..had a great time and found so much subject matter that Im really excited about going back. Anyway here are my efforts

afternoon light london Apprentice 8 x10
River Hall Bluebells
Sandra Bs wagon 8 x !0
Isleworth Tug 8 x10


    Well deserved!

  2. Well done my friend on a great job, maybe I will try my luck with the Wapping group as you have one day. Stunning news and well deserved. always forward... Regards Paul

  3. Congratulations - Your paintings are beautiful.

  4. Well done mate, great to hear :o) Thoroughly deserved. I'm sure you'll have some splendid times with the group and look forward to seeing some of the paintings. Lovely bluebells you've done....I painted some recently at Ashridge and the colours were incredible!

  5. Congratulations and I'm not surprised! You are such an excellent artist! Oh and I adore those bluebells! Wonderful, wonderful!!

  6. Congratulations Karl and well done for getting into such a prestigious plein air group !
    Are you going to get that roll of canvas now ? It's a joy to work on so go treat yourself !