Sunday, 8 May 2011

This weeks work

Well despite having a very busy day job I have managed to paint 9 or 10 pics this week.Im paying for it now though as Im having to work in my office at the weekend. I painted with Chris Daynes and Andrew Roberts on Sunday, had my first day painting as a `Wapper` on wednesday at Hoo near Rochester and painted at Jeff Becks house late thursday afternoon. Ive also been working on some studio pics in evenings, but spitting my dummy out as I cant do them very well. I really struggle to feel inspired away from the subject and its a completely different I dont know if I will ever get used to. Next trip St Pauls Cathedral and surrounding are on wednesday. lastly I have my tv debut on wedneday the 11th ( this wednesday) on BBC2 at 5.15 where Im featured on a show called `Show me the Monet`...Im sure to have made a complete prat of myself:-) ..I dont think I can help it !
on the beach camber 6 x8
Watlands Udimore 12 x 16
yacht study rye 12 x16
Thames Barge Grave yard Hoo, Rochester 12 x 16
Towards hooe marina 8 x 10
tug study 8 x 6
tug at Hoo 8 x 10

JBs door 10 x favourite of week

Up the garden path JBs 10 x 8
Studio pic of Putney ..where im at so far 20 x 30


  1. Good luck on television. I'm sure you'll do well.
    Lovely work. All your paintings are favorites.

  2. Top form Karl, excellent studies.

  3. Wonderful. Love that up the garden path the best I think. It reminds me of someplace...but I can't remember where quite yet. Lovely.

  4. Hi Karl, just found your blog. I'm blown away by your plein air studies. Great work. Regards, Paul.

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