Monday, 31 May 2010

Painting on my wedding Anniversary

Well today I have been married 14 years. Its a long tme but its gone in a flash. Never thought Id get to paint today but Jo my wife wanted to go shopping and she knows I hate it so I was let out to paint. Annoyingly I had to be back by 2pm . I got back at 3 thinking Id be in trouble but now its 4pm and shes still not back so I could have spent longer painting. As it was I had a great time. Met up with Rowan and went to Udimore to paint the view at Watlands Farm where my friend Steve Duffy ( The Famous potter..thats for you stebe if you read this!) lives. Its a great spot and I hope to go there a lot more. Steve and his wife Angela made us a nice cup of tea and Im going to be in Jos very good books as Steve also gave me a great jug that hed made.Yesterday I painted briefly at the cricket in Woodchurch and the day before I painted even more briefly at HAstings after visiting my friend Andy Parkers show in Hstings. Thats it for now. Probably post after Wednesdays meeting with the Wappping Group. Off to Spitalfields Market so that should be interesting!

Hastings late afternoon  8 x 10 pochade study

Woodchurch Cricket 5pm  12 x 16

Winchelsea from Watlands Farm 12 x 16

Towards Winchelsea from Watlands Farm 12 x 12

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Leigh at Sea with Wapping Group and Rother levels with Rowan Crew

Still not painting as much as Id like but painted Saturday and yesterday , wednesday. Saturday I went to the Rother Levels . Its close to home and one of my favourite spots.I usually manage to do something that Im happy with there but maybe I was trying to hard. Had alot of fun and good company. I painted with my friend Rowan, who was `on form` and did some lovely work.

Then yesterday I drove to Leigh On Sea to paint with Wapping Group. It is a great spot and really enjoyed myself.About 9 members turned up , would have been nice to see some more, but a long drive for alot of them! Dont know when Ill get out next..tomorrow evening I reckon:-)

On the Levels 12 x 12

On the levels 4 x 12

Red Fishing Boat Leigh on Sea 12 x 12

Leigh on Sea 8 x 16

Fishing boats Leigh on Sea 8 x 16 ( My favourite of bunch)

Trevor Chamberlain at work hiding behind a hedge :-)

Rowans painting of the levels

Thursday, 20 May 2010

First post for ages.

Well Ive been very busy ..too busy for painting unfortunately . Since I last posted I really havent done much painting and its been pretty depressing. I painted a week ago with the Wapping Group at Chatham Historic DockYards, but had what was almost certainly my worst painting day for a year! I did a little painting on Sunday in Tunbridge Wells and then had the afternoon painting in Cambridge. All hopeless efforts. I think Ive been trying too hard.Then yesterday evening I painted at Leigh on Sea in Essex which is a marvellous spot. Thankfully I painted something I was reasonably happy with. I think I may just stick to landscapes boats and cows!Will try posting again more regularly, but thats it for now

Market Day in the Pan Tiles, Tunbridge Wells 8 x 10

The Endeavour at Leigh On Sea  8 x 16