Wednesday, 14 December 2011


In the fish market 6 x 8

Venetian statue and mask 10 x 8

Havent posted for ages as Ive had nothing to post..until now! Just returned from 4 wonderful days in Venice where I stayed with 3 friends in Ken Howard RA studio. Its only my second visit to Venice and I think its the most beautiful city Ive ever visted. There is something to paint on every corner and I cant wait to return. I managed to do 24 paintings and have posted some of them below.. Xmas is now nearly upon us and Im crossing my fingers for snow:-)

St Maggiore, Morning  6 x 8

Dusk, by the Salute 8 x 10

Venetian Doorway 16 x 12

gondolas 8 x 6

By the Doges Palace 8 x 6

Painters by the acadamia bridge 8 x 10

Gondolas 12 x 12

Gondola repair yard 12 x 16

On the Grand Canal 12 x 16

school with a name i cant remember 16 x 12:-)

St Maggiore 4 x 12

Gondolas at night 8 x 10

dusk at the Rialto 8 x 6

Venetian nocturne 6 x 8

Tony painting a nocturne 8 x 6

Friday, 4 November 2011

some from Cornwall and the past week

Just got back from 4 days in Cornwall. Like nearly every other time Ive been there it was wet..very wet. Thanks to the generosity of a kind friend I had a lovely barn conversion to stay in and managed to get a few small pictures done. Ive also been back out a couple of times locally and have posted my efforts below. Next painting trip..Venice on 9th December ..yippee. Hope it snows!
Approaching rain, Bossiney Bay 12 x 16

The road to Roughtor 8 x 10

Autumn Sky, river Rother 12 x 16
The Blue yacht, Porthcunnis 6 x 8
Birches, golden light 16 x 12
The corner of the field 12 x 12
After the rain Bodmin Moor12 x 16

Saturday, 15 October 2011

one from today

It was great to get out and paint today as I havent done much lately. Weather was great so I decided to have another go at Birch trees before the last of the leaves fall off.Not much to say,,Off to Cornwall in a week..cant wait

reaching for the sky 30 x 20

Thursday, 6 October 2011

some from Norfolk

Ive just returned from a few days in Norfolk where I stayed at Burnham Overy and painted with a few mates. We had great weather and got lots of work done. On the way home three of us were invited to lunch at Edward Seagos`Dutch House` by Jane Seymour. It was a fantastic experience and one I wont forget. Below are a few of my paintings from Norfolk and a couple of other local tree paintings that I did the week before I went.
The Corner of the field, Brancaster 12 x 16
Towards the sea, Brancaster 12 x 16
Low tide Brancaster 8 x 10
Early morning sails, Burnham Overy 8 x 10
Tethered trio 8 x 10
The pier Cromer 12 x 16
On the river, Burnham Overy 8 x 10
Cromer 12 x 16
Add captionCley mill sunset 6 x 8
Cromer cliffs 12 x 16
Early morning light, Burnham Overy 8 x 6
Towards Peasmarsh 20 x 30
Peasmarsh oaks 20 x 16

Saturday, 17 September 2011

two from this week

Not much to post as I havent painted much for last couple of weeks..just to busy. Went to Strand on Green with Wapping Group but it took nearly 4 hours to get there because of a horrible traffic jam. Only posting two from the week one of Olivers Island Chiswick and the other of one of my favourite subjects..trees. This is the 8th time Ive painted the same scene using same composition , but its amazing how different its been each time.Im pleased with the latest effort as it was a real exercise in greens. thats it for now..Tollesbury this week..another great spot

Olivers Island Chiswick  12 x 16

Sussex trees, September 12 x 16

Monday, 29 August 2011

A few from Cornwall

Ive been back from Cornwall over a week now. Had a great time but as almost was to be expected it rained most days. I got quite a few paintings done but most were surfers on the beach. What else do you do in Cornwall with two young children except surf:-) . I was also very proud that my friend Tony Dakin sold his first painting! Since my return Ive done very little. Did a couple at Southwark in London but nothing else. This week Im busy at work but have the opening of the first Plein Air Brotherhood show at AK Wilson gallery in Hertford on thursday..which should be interesting. Ive also just found out I had both my entries to The Royal Society of Marine Artists accepted..which was a suprise as I didnt get in last year. Will probably be  another couple of weeks before I post again. Thats it for now
Daymer Bay 8 x 12
Polzeath mist 8 x12
rain in the camel estuary 8 x 10
Daymer Bay, morning light 12 x16
polzeath 1  12 x 16
out to sea daymer bay 12 x12
polzeath surfers 6 x 8
polzeath 2  12 x 16
afternoon light polzeath  6 x 8
padstow 8 x 10
surfers 8 x 10
afternoon light in the Borough Market 12 x 16
on the corner of the royal exchange 10 x 8
the end of threadneedle street 10 x8