Wednesday, 14 December 2011


In the fish market 6 x 8

Venetian statue and mask 10 x 8

Havent posted for ages as Ive had nothing to post..until now! Just returned from 4 wonderful days in Venice where I stayed with 3 friends in Ken Howard RA studio. Its only my second visit to Venice and I think its the most beautiful city Ive ever visted. There is something to paint on every corner and I cant wait to return. I managed to do 24 paintings and have posted some of them below.. Xmas is now nearly upon us and Im crossing my fingers for snow:-)

St Maggiore, Morning  6 x 8

Dusk, by the Salute 8 x 10

Venetian Doorway 16 x 12

gondolas 8 x 6

By the Doges Palace 8 x 6

Painters by the acadamia bridge 8 x 10

Gondolas 12 x 12

Gondola repair yard 12 x 16

On the Grand Canal 12 x 16

school with a name i cant remember 16 x 12:-)

St Maggiore 4 x 12

Gondolas at night 8 x 10

dusk at the Rialto 8 x 6

Venetian nocturne 6 x 8

Tony painting a nocturne 8 x 6


  1. Love these; the doorway in particular!

  2. Great set of paintings Karl - your best so far. Well done mate and glad it went so well. The Prof's magic has obviously rubbed off!

  3. This is such a great set of paintings Karl. You must be chuffed with your impressive haul! You've captured the the light and colours beautifully. Great to see you there....already looking forward to the return visit :o)

  4. Love your play of light in the dusk paintings! Wonderful!


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  6. Fantastic studies Karl! I love the vitality in them! Have a great day!

  7. great I love all paintings...