Sunday, 8 May 2011

This weeks work

Well despite having a very busy day job I have managed to paint 9 or 10 pics this week.Im paying for it now though as Im having to work in my office at the weekend. I painted with Chris Daynes and Andrew Roberts on Sunday, had my first day painting as a `Wapper` on wednesday at Hoo near Rochester and painted at Jeff Becks house late thursday afternoon. Ive also been working on some studio pics in evenings, but spitting my dummy out as I cant do them very well. I really struggle to feel inspired away from the subject and its a completely different I dont know if I will ever get used to. Next trip St Pauls Cathedral and surrounding are on wednesday. lastly I have my tv debut on wedneday the 11th ( this wednesday) on BBC2 at 5.15 where Im featured on a show called `Show me the Monet`...Im sure to have made a complete prat of myself:-) ..I dont think I can help it !
on the beach camber 6 x8
Watlands Udimore 12 x 16
yacht study rye 12 x16
Thames Barge Grave yard Hoo, Rochester 12 x 16
Towards hooe marina 8 x 10
tug study 8 x 6
tug at Hoo 8 x 10

JBs door 10 x favourite of week

Up the garden path JBs 10 x 8
Studio pic of Putney ..where im at so far 20 x 30