Thursday, 6 October 2011

some from Norfolk

Ive just returned from a few days in Norfolk where I stayed at Burnham Overy and painted with a few mates. We had great weather and got lots of work done. On the way home three of us were invited to lunch at Edward Seagos`Dutch House` by Jane Seymour. It was a fantastic experience and one I wont forget. Below are a few of my paintings from Norfolk and a couple of other local tree paintings that I did the week before I went.
The Corner of the field, Brancaster 12 x 16
Towards the sea, Brancaster 12 x 16
Low tide Brancaster 8 x 10
Early morning sails, Burnham Overy 8 x 10
Tethered trio 8 x 10
The pier Cromer 12 x 16
On the river, Burnham Overy 8 x 10
Cromer 12 x 16
Add captionCley mill sunset 6 x 8
Cromer cliffs 12 x 16
Early morning light, Burnham Overy 8 x 6
Towards Peasmarsh 20 x 30
Peasmarsh oaks 20 x 16


  1. Waw those are amazing. I'm so jealous - I thought of coming to the trip but was running out of holiday allowance. The fact that you stopped at the Dutch House is just finishing me now as it's a place I've always wanted to visit. Didn't know you can have lunch there though... These paintings are beautiful, to my view your best so far.I specially love the colours and brushwork on "Towards the sea, Brancaste" and "On the river, Burnham Overy". Very inspiring.

  2. Karl, these look amazing! Looks like you had a cracking trip (I won't attempt to conceal my envy!). All superb but I particularly like Cromer cliffs. I can see hints of Seago and indeed Monet in your work, but with the unique Terry stamp of course :o) Your work really is top drawer. As Valerie says, very inspiring :o)

  3. What a lovely collection of paintings. I've enjoyed taking a look at your blog. :-)

  4. Superb set of work Karl. As mentioned by David P, 'Cromer Cliffs' has a definite Monet feel to it. Can't wait to see the results of the next trip!

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  6. Fabulous paintings, I have enjoyed my browse.

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