Thursday, 27 May 2010

Leigh at Sea with Wapping Group and Rother levels with Rowan Crew

Still not painting as much as Id like but painted Saturday and yesterday , wednesday. Saturday I went to the Rother Levels . Its close to home and one of my favourite spots.I usually manage to do something that Im happy with there but maybe I was trying to hard. Had alot of fun and good company. I painted with my friend Rowan, who was `on form` and did some lovely work.

Then yesterday I drove to Leigh On Sea to paint with Wapping Group. It is a great spot and really enjoyed myself.About 9 members turned up , would have been nice to see some more, but a long drive for alot of them! Dont know when Ill get out next..tomorrow evening I reckon:-)

On the Levels 12 x 12

On the levels 4 x 12

Red Fishing Boat Leigh on Sea 12 x 12

Leigh on Sea 8 x 16

Fishing boats Leigh on Sea 8 x 16 ( My favourite of bunch)

Trevor Chamberlain at work hiding behind a hedge :-)

Rowans painting of the levels

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