Tuesday, 19 April 2011

latest paintings.

Ive been back from holiday two weeks now. Ive done a few paintings but nowhere near as many as I would have liked to. Had one afternoon in London , a day in Camber and 2 hours in a friends garden..thats it! Have also been struggling to try and paint 3 big studio paintings..Havent uploaded those yet as theyre not finished..I will finish them off one way or another. Off to Pinn Mill on Good friday so hopefully will get something worth posting. In the mean time these are my latest efforts.
Camber 1 6 x 8

camber 2  6 x 8

camber 3  8 x10

camber 4   8 x 16

distant rye  8 x10

from london bridge 12 x 16

Mikes Garden 16 x 12

1 comment:

  1. They're wonderful! (As always!) I've been working on some larger works too. I didn't realize how impatient I can be!!! They're going to take me a while.