Sunday, 3 April 2011


Havent posted on my blog for ages, but have just spent two glorious weeks in the Seychelles. Went there to celebrate my wife Joannas 40th birthday and it was the chill pill I needed. I was allowed to take my easel and did 25 paintings in total..two a day more or less. I had some great experiences and snorkelled on th reef with my son Tobias and swam with Turtles, sharks and sting rays. I also met The most famous artist on the Seychelles, Michael Adams and his daughter. I enjoyed their company and hospitality and hope to revisit one day. Below is a selection of my work from the trip
on L`Union Estate La Digue Island  12 x 16
Sunset St Piere Island 8 x 10
Jo looking towards praslin 8 x 10
sunset over Praslin 6 x 12
Jules Juice Bar La Digue  8 x 10
On the Beach Praslin 6 x 12
Praslin Palms 1   12 x 16

Praslin palms 2  12 x 16

Lunch under the badamier tree  8 x 10

Under the trees La digue  12 x 16

Towards Praslin 12 x16

Palm study 12 x 16
St Pierre Island  6 x 8
Anse Lazio 12 x 16
Praslin sunset 6x 8


  1. Karl,
    I have just discovered your blog and would like to congratulate you on your work, I like these paintings a lot!
    I hope you don't mind me asking if any of these pictures are for sale?

    greetings from Munich in Bavaria,


  2. Welcome back and a belated congratulation to Joanna. What a nice bunch of work you showing, the only comment I could have is:

    Who needs a camera?!

  3. Well, I agree, this was just what you needed!! Wonderful paintings!!!!! Happy b-day to the wife too!

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  5. Hi Karl.
    What can I say but, Brilliant, Brilliant and brilliant. Also Congratulations on becoming a member of my favourite Painters club, The Wapping Goup. All the best Karl.