Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Studio Picture

Thought Id post my most recent work. As any of you who read this blog know im really an outdoor painter, but I was asked by a close friend recently to paint a picture from a small photograph, which im not mad keen on doing. To make it worse the photo was of a small group of trees standing on a hill beside a motorway:-) I nearly gave up before I started. Ive attached the finished or almost finished result..I had fun with it and tried to add some drama but it still looks a bit bland to me ...Thats it for now
The photograph
My picture, Dans trees 20" x 40" oil on canvas( nice Russell and Chappell canvas:-) )


  1. I like the relationship of the vehicles versus the natural trees above them in the photo. The painting is beautiful just the same.

  2. Oh, I LOVE what you did with it! I think they'll just love it!!

  3. Know that beech hanger well; drive past it often. Love the mackerel below too Karl.

    Hope the recent Mall show went well, gutted I couldn't make it down.

    All the best, Tom.

  4. I thought that you did great with what you had to work with, I like the photo too with the cars.

  5. know what? I really like what you did! it's great. I like painting, but Im not really good at it.

    I'm sorry if my english is bad, I'm learning so...

  6. Great composition karl, and I really like the wide format!

  7. It's very nice wish I was that talented God Bless U...

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