Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 33

Well as much as I really want to paint one a day its really proving difficult! Im so busy at work its proving nearly impossible to find the time every day, and Ive been getting up early. Yesterday doesnt really count although I did post an apple! Tonight I spent an hour on a small 6 x 8 study of wallnuts and a nut cracker. Not very good but actually very challenging as I just layed them out randomly on my oak table. Everything very close in colour and tone, which made it a real struggle! Painting isnt supposed to be easy so I guess it was good practice. No laughing or rude comments please. Lets hope Ican paint in the landscape somewhere tomorrow. Apologies for poor photo tonight taken on my blackberry and emailed to computer. I really couldnt be bothered to go to hassle of photographing with camera and uploading to computer!


  1. Hey Karl, please give yourself some air will yeah! Not everything was build in one day you know, ... sometimes you just have too back off a little to get new things coming at you, especially when you paint so fast and often as you do now.

    Give it space!!

  2. Well done Karl.... I really like the simplicity of this picture (even though it wasn't simple to paint) - it is very effective.