Thursday, 11 February 2010

day 42

Had a great day today. Had to go to London and couldnt have worked if Id wanted to as I woke up to 7 inches of snow. Treacherous drive for 1st half hour and then amazingly at Maidstone no sign of any snow.
Got to London at 1pm only to find  that Id left my tripod at home. Fortunately I had my little pochade box with me, so was able to do two little studys. Sat in Trafalgar square and painted with David Bachmann and Roy Connelly, and it was SO cold I couldnt feel my fingers. At 6pm had to hand my work in for viewing by selection committe of Wapping Group in the amazing rooms of the London Sketch Clubon Dilke Street. No idea how it went, probably wont find out for a few days. Whislt waiting the two hours for the committe to look, David kindly took me to the studio of his Lebanese painter friend in Tite Street called Romanos Moukarzel. ..a lovely guy and good painter.I felt a bit out of my depth as both he and David have done alot of portrait painting and Ive done absolutely none! The model was lovely but I felt awkward sitting on a little stool in the corner with my 6 x 8 pochade box. Would have felt much more comfortable standing at an easel. Anyhow I did my very first portrait..not a complete disater e=seeing as I only had a little over an hour on it, but lots to learn. I dont think Ill make a portrait painter though. The photo quality is awful as taken on my Blackberry again!
Into the sun through Marble Arch 6 x 8

Trafalgar square 6 x8

My first ever oil portrait 8 x 10

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