Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Days 43 to 54

Well I havent posted anything for several days as I have been away. First I went to Suffolk for four dayswith my family.Had hoped to do a few paintings but poured hard the whole time. So just did 2 pictures outside and a couple of crappy still lifes. Then I went back to work for a day before heading out to South of France . Met up and painted with my friend Paul eah day. Had a wonderful time, but again the weather wasnt fantastic apart from on the Saturday. Have posted most of what Ive been up to but have a few more to photograph. Back to normal now will try again to do something most days, but for sure its going to prove difficult :-)

The Beach at Dunwich Suffolk 12 x 16

Still life of lemons 6 x 8

Still life of mushrooms 6 x 8

Woodbridge from Sutton Hoo, Suffolk  12 x 16

Parasol Pine Cap D'Antibes 12 x 16

Sunlit Rocks Juan Les Pins 11 x 16

Parasol Pines 2 Cap D'Antibes

The Rail Crossing Mougines 8 x 10

Beautiful Villa Mougines 12 x 16

still life of 'Dorades' Casa Rafferty, Mougines 12 x 16

Wet Afternoon St Paul de Vence 12 x16

On the Road to Grasse 8 x 10

Towards Monaco from St John Cap Ferrat


  1. Hi Karl,
    Sounds like it was a wonderful break away from work. You must be pleased with these - they are very good - I'm looking forward to seeing the others. By the way, belated congrats on being accepted for possible candidature with the Wappers. No pressure on this season then!

  2. Although it was your landscapes that first attracted my attention, I have to say that I particularly like the dorades.