Saturday, 7 August 2010

London Pictures

Well since I last posted I have done a lot of painting. In fact probably too much and  Im exhausted.Wont pick up a brush for a few days now. My friend Paul Rafferty came over for the week from France and although I couldnt get the whole week off I did get 3 days in total.. At short notice that was pretty good, but I will probably pay for it when I go back to work on Monday. I have also been suffering badly from gout,which is annoying especially as I virtually dont drink. Tuesday I was virtually bed ridden it was that bad. Luckily I was invited to stay in the house of one of Pauls friends in Barnes so we had early starts and late finishes but it was an intense and tiring 3 days. We were also lucky to be invited to paint at Sergeants old studio in Tite Street by Julian Barrow.Roy Connelly kindly arranged it so that was fun ..challenging though. Thats about it for now. Next week Im painting on Wednesday with the Wapping Group at Putney and then in Bath at the weekend  as Ive entered The Bath Open event.                                                                               
Trafalger square 16 x 12
Royal Opera Arcade 8 x 6
Path by the Thames Chiswick 16 x 12
Ynder the Rail bridge Strand on the Green 12 x 12
The Pink House Strand on the Green 1 12 x 16
Te pink House Strand on the Green2 12 x 16
The Band Stand St James Park 12 x 16
On The Mall 6 x 8
Early Morning light Putney 12 x 16
Trafalger Square Lion study 1, 12 x 16
Trafalger Square Lion Study, early evening 6 x 8
In Sergeants Studio
Picadilly Statue 16 x 12
Sergeants Studio 16 x 12
On the Corner of Gerrard Street 10 x 8
The house with the yellow door, Chiswick 8 x 6


  1. I love your style and subject matter... well done :)

  2. Now that more like it! Art is hard labour, . . . You did well Karl. Press on!!!