Thursday, 7 July 2011

Recent paintings

I havent been painting much lately..less and less infact as Im finding it difficult to get the time to. Infact Ive only painted twice in the last two weeks. Last wednesday I went with Chris Daynes to Dungeness Beach with 20 A level art students from Our local grammer school...all Im going to say was it was fun and a new experience. Yesterday I made the long drive to Maldon to join the Wapping Group. I was pleasantly suprised as I had low expectations and when I set off it was pouring hard. There were more opportunities than I had imagined and a good turn out from the group.I was in my element as there were lots of boats and after trees , fields and sheep I always like to paint them:-) This will probably be my last post until I return from USA where im off to in a week.
cloud shadows dungeness 12 x 16
fishing boat dungeness 8 x 16
dingy maldon 8 x 10
smack at maldon1  8 x 16
smack at maldon 2   12 x 16
boats at maldon 10 x 8


  1. Hi Karl.
    All brilliant my friend. I`m glad you met your new friends to paint with, The Wapping Group. They are my heroes,always have been, now you are one of them, Great. All the best for you in America Karl.

  2. Some great work. Don't get uptight about it. Relax and enjoy your painting. You have a great talent.

  3. Wonderful paintings Karl. Hearty congratulations on joining the Wapping Group of Artists. It must feel great to be painting with the likes of Trevor Chamberlain.
    Best wishes,

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your last painting session. Sometimes it may be good to take a bit of a break (not too long!).

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