Sunday, 2 December 2012

venice 2012

Just got back form a fantastic week painting with friends in Venice. Like last year we rented Ken Howards studio in Cannaregio and myself , Chris Daynes, David Bachmann and Stuart Fullerton all had to put up with each others snoring. Although not an orgamnised trip there were also several other painting friends there at the same time, including Mike Richardson, Roy Connelly, David Pilgrim, Tim King, Haidee jo Summers, Valerie Pirlot, Sidney Foley and Eric?

We had really mixed weather, aqua alta, rain, a tiny bit of sun and the fog. Thefog was my absolute favourite and although difficult to paint provided us with a great atmosphere.
I did over 30 paintings/oil sketches and half filled a moleskin with sketches.. unfortunately I lost this on the trip back which was really annoying.

Next trip India in Feb..yippee..more to follow but will be in illustrious company!

Below are a few of my efforts..

grand canal from acadamia bridge 12 x 16

dusk venice 8 x 6

hospitale, afternoon sun 12 x 12
fish market study 8 x 6

winter venice 16 x212

aqua alta basilica 12 x 12
rialto 8pm 6 x 8

venetian boats 6 x 8
morning fog  10 x 8


  1. Lovely set of paintings Karl. Good to see you out there. Glad the sun came out on the last day!

    Let's try and fix up a paint out somewhere in the UK sometime soon.



  2. Karl,
    These are really good! Love the fog effect - saw the photos of the floods in Venice from a few weeks ago - looks like they had some serious aqua alta!

    It was great to meet you at the Battersea arts fair. I took your advice and booked the Morocco painting holiday with Ken Howard in March - can't wait!



  3. Hi David, Thx for taht and great to hear from you. You wont regret that decision. Youll have an excelent trip and kens a great guy. another friend of mine Haidee Jo Summers is also going. Be sure to give Ken and Dora my regards. Im off to India with him in February so I shall prepare him for your arrival:-) Essourira is just so wonderful too!

  4. Smashing set of paintings Karl - your best yet mate!

  5. I am a Japanese painter.
    I visited your blog for the first time.
    You reminded me of Venice.
    I visited there two years ago.
    Thank you.

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