Thursday, 29 April 2010

Some new paintings

About time I added to my blog..not quite a painting a day! I have had a few fun painting days lately including an afternoon on the Beach at Camber and yesterday in London as my first day as a candidate with the Wapping Group. Went to Isleworth but despite being beautifully sunny when I left home it was grey and overcast all day in London. The company was good but didnt find it the most inspiring place to paint. Finished off with the traditional whitebait supper that starts and ends the painting season for the Wappers. Most embarrased to be painting badly with Trevor Chamberlain looking over my shoulder. I expect even he has bad days..just less of them!

Camber 12 x 16

Towards Fairlight from the Dunes 10 x 20

The River to Rye 12 x 12

Rising Tide Isleworth 8 x 10

Te Tames at Isleworth 8 x 10

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