Sunday, 11 April 2010

Its been a while!

Well its been quite a while since I posted on my blog. Have been busy at work and paly but not much painting. Went to Redrag Gallery in the Cotswolds which was good and will be showing work with them from June onwards. Had no time to paint there except a small sketch in a National Trust property thats name I cant for the life of me remember. Then on the following Wednesday took mine and Paul Raffertys work to hand in at RA and painted badly in London. This week Ive been at Centre Parcs in Holland with my family .. Again virtually no painted. Did two crap sketches there , didnt find anything to inspire me. On way back stopped in great Town  of Gent , painted one scene of River that I was fairly happy with and did a nocturne at midnite with my might light..thats really sad isnt it! No rude comments please!

National Trust House Chipping Norton 6 x 8

Centre parks Holland. 8 x 10 not much there to paint!

"nd one in Centre parks..much a do about nothing ! 6 x8

Nocturne Gent . Painted at midnite with regular disturbance from drunks, but as much fun as Ive ever had painting!

The New Bridge Gent..what a wonderful town..painting oppurtunities at every corner. 8 x 10 with pochade building upright for a change!


  1. Nou al er dan niets te schilderen is in Nederland neem ogenblikkelijk contact op met Michael en boek ook een kamer voor het schilderweekje in Dinan! Waar zat je in Nederland?!

    So not that rude I'll guess ;-)

  2. Hi Karl, looks like you're going full tilt, great work this batch. Really dig the last two here.

  3. Karl, What are you painting on? Jani

  4. hi jani mainly gessoed mdf.Sometimes i buy canvas panels from raymar or soucetek, but normally make my own.