Wednesday, 24 March 2010

24t March 2010

Well had the day off work today. Was going to paint alone but had the pleasure to paint with my friend Rowan Crew, which was great. We ended up going to Hastings before heading back to Rye and had a very enjoyable day! Was realtively happy with a couple and should have left it there. I will post all 4 but the last was a very lacklustre effort at the end of the day where I just experimented with using much thicker paint than normal and got in a mess :-) Next trip Stow on Wold on Saturday!

Hastings Boats 12 x 16

Yacht Rock Channel 6 x 8 over old painting

6 x 8 towards Rye Harbour

Awful Mess:-)


  1. No, no mess at all!

    Great work Karl.
    Btw. are you going to St. Malo and Dinan as well?

  2. Looking through your work's beginning to make me feel nostalgic- especially when I got to this one of the fishing boats. I remember drawing here too very many years ago. My parents moved to Hastings from Kingston,(which didn't please me at all at the time!)
    You seem hugely productive, though as you said somewhere else, it's in some ways no diffreent from keeping a sketch book. I like the fact that there are so many diffrent approaches in painting. Nice to have found your blog.