Tuesday, 23 March 2010

23rd March

Well its been too long since I posted. So much for my painting a day! Not been very good and its proved impossible to do something everyday and run my life and business. I think when the nights draw out next week Ill have more of a chance to keep on track. I have been out a few times over te last few days and will post some of the results below. Not pleased with anything Ive done of late, but thats how it goes. Still enjoying painting but struggling with it at the moment.
On Sunday I joined some friends on Cheyne Walk in Chelsea and had access to the house boats to paint. A very kind lady that lived opposite also showed us her house which belonged to SIr Phillip Wilson Steer! She also opened a bottle of 1972 port for us and told us not to tell her husband:-) Got tomorrow of work and will paint all day somewhere ..cant wait!

House boats at Cheyne Walk Chelsea 12 x 16

Lots Road Power station  from Cheyne Walk 8 x 10

Pochade box study Camber 8 x 10

15min study at Carshalton pond whilst waiting for John Stillman!

Hopefully I will paint better tomorrow!

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