Thursday, 9 December 2010


Today was the first time Ive managed to get out painting since I returned from Venice on Saturday. I worked until lunch time and then took the afternoon off to paint at my present favourite spot in Peasmarsh. Ive painted the same scene once before this Autumn and now have decided to try and paint here once a month for a year as an experiment to see how the scene changes. Whilst painting I thought my god this looks just like the last one I did, but having got it home and compared the two it looks completely different. There is definately a cooler more wintery feel to this one and no where near as much colour as the Autumn one. Ill post both to show the comparison . Think the autumninal one was much better, but interested to see what the scene looks like through the seasons. I was also lucky today to be joined by Rowan Crew. I wish Id taken a picture of his painting. Quite different with a much higher horizon, but very nice:-) excursion Sunday :-)

Winter Oaks Peasmarsh  12 x 16 ( Todays effort)

Autumn Oaks Peasmarsh 12 x 16 ( My first effort and favourite of the two)

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