Monday, 27 December 2010

xmas paintings.

Well as expected Ive not managed to get out alot over xmas. I also got frustrated so much that I didnt get much chance to paint in the snow. Maybe Im one of the few people that wishes it would come back! Im not back at work now until the 4th of January so hopefully I will have some opportunities to paint.Ive posted the last two of my efforts . Ive been doing this blog for almost a year now and am seriously considering not doing it anymore. I only started it to record my painting a day project which I failed and cant see much point in continuing with it. Happy New Year to all

Snowy track by Wittersham Road Station 12 x 16

Field gate, winter 16 x 12


  1. Don't give up Karl! Many people appreciate your blog and it's a useful device for a painter to keep their work in front of an audience at all times. Courage mon ami.

  2. I second that. Keeping a blog going is a pain, I know. But I for one would miss being able to keep up with your work! Am sure there are many others who enjoy seeing what you paint as well