Thursday, 6 January 2011

First efforts of 2011!

Well a New Year is here and lets hope its a good one! Havent managed to get alot of painting in since it started but have done 3 in the last few days. The first one was on New years day in Epsom with my ggod friend Tony who I have put in my painting. Im amazed at his progress . Hes only been painting 8 months in oils outside and is better tahn alot of people I know who have been painting years. I will post some of his work shortly and see what if any feed back he gets. The other two are from earlier in the week. The weather is so bad at the moment, wet and cold , it really doesnt make you feel like painting. I thought about going in my studio but thats freezing too..Cant wait for it to warm up. Next week I have a couple of days painting in London which Im looking forward to. Thats it for now.
Early New Years  morning Epsom Downs 12 x 16
Winter Oak, Budds Lane 12 x 16
Last light, low tide , Rye  12 x 16


  1. That’s three more than I've managed this year Karl; I'm hoping to make a start this week. I hear what you’re saying about blogs and whether they're worthwhile or not, but I'm glad you giving it another go. I really like the, 'last light low tide', painting

  2. beautiful stuff. Indeed, that's better turn-up then at most 'daily painters' :)

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