Saturday, 22 January 2011


Well I havent done much painting at all this week..infact only a couple. I have had a good week though and found out that Ive had 3 pictures accepted for Royal Society of British Artists Show at Mall Galleries in March. I ve also found out that Im a finalist for BBC2 show called "Show me the Monet" which will be on TV in March.. so an exciting week...Thats about it hoping I might get out tomorrow to paint..One from today of  a statue outside Buckingham Palace. I think its the busiest place Ive ever painted. I went to London with Chris daynes to collect our RBA rejects and we walked around as much as we painted which was fun.Japanese tourists kept borrowing my brushes to have their photos taken at my was hilarious..hopefully I will be able to post a photo soon
" A gift from New Zealand 16 x 12 oil on board"


  1. Good to hear Karl, well done indeed. Getting 3 into the RBA is impressive and the TV show sounds like great fun. Do let me know if you (or any of your fellow painters) are up for the Cornwall trip (May 14th).

    PS I'm lucky to get in 1 painting a week! Full time jobs just seem to eat into art time.

  2. Congrats on the show! Hopefully you'll be on the tv show as well.

  3. WOW well done Karl. Keep up the good work. Very impressive! xoxo


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  5. i love the pictures. good luck!