Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day 19

Well I didnt get anytime today at all.I had planned to finish at 3.30 and do one painting but alas I didnt finish until 4.30 . So determined to do a painting a day not for anyone else but myself and out of desperation I stopped in  Tenterden High Street at 5.30 and spent half an hour painting this nocturne( Turd!) I wouldnt ordinarily show anyone and would definately snap it , but am only doing so to prove I am obssessed and did paint today.I also believe this should be " A warts and all Excercise". Thats it Im sure every painter does his or her share of rubbish and this one will at some stage in  the future be painted over or snapped!

Tenterden High Street Nocturne 6 x 8

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