Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 20

Well It turned wet again today and another busy day at work. Stopped on way back in a lane near Wittersham and did small 6 x 8 looking across the fields using my pochade box. Nothing special, but at least I got my daily fix :-) Choice of subject limited by amount of daylight left!
Hopefully get a bit more time tomorrow afternoon to find something more interesting.


  1. Nice one Karl,

    As you say "nothing special" but in it it lays a lot. You know for someone not living there it's something completely different. So don't waste too much time to look for that special and interesting thing, ... they life at home you know ;-)

  2. I viewed the painting before the caption...thought it was a romantic rainy English scene, Colin Firth driving along, stops at a pub....oh yea that's a Bridget Jones movie...See everyone brings their own feelings, thoughts and expierence's to your work...