Monday, 25 January 2010

Day 24 & 25

Well Im sorry I didnt post any pictures yesterday. I did paint in the afternoon with Chris Daynes and Rowan Crew at Rye Harbour..but not very well! Enjoyed it all the same but really didnt feel like uploading the photos in he evening. Today I nearly didnt paint at all and didnt manage to get the time during the day. Rather than being called a woose by my friend Paul for not keeping to my task I spent an hour painting a little still life. Why on earth I chose the most difficult and decorative thing I could find in my house I do not know..The little Royal Worcester Coffe cup was a present that I bought my dad when I was time I will choose something much more simple! The 1st of Rye is a red fishing boat that was up on the bank. I dont know what happened to me, after what seems like weeks of grey weather the sun came out and I put my technicolour glasses on! The second is almost dusk at Rock Channel. I did the same scene earlier in the week but this time lowered the horizon. They both measire 8 x 10. The coffe cup is 6 x 8.Tomorrow I am in London painting and then going to Seago exhibition so I wont post again until Wednesday when hopefully I will have a London picture or two to upload.Thats it for now.

The Royal Worcester Coffee cup 6 x 8

A slightly different version of same thing I did yesterday or day before 8 x 10 . Lower horizon and 1 hour later.

Red boat 10 x 8 another "turd" that will get painted over

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  1. Have a good trip, ... Seago wow wish I could see that one. Love the paintings Karl, nothing wrong with the coffee cup. Your living in painters paradise if you would ask me, with all that water and nice old places boats and hillsides

    Again have a good trip and enjoy!