Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Yesterdays work day 26

Imposting yesterdays work here as I didnt get home until midnight and didnt feel like uploading. Had the day of work( did saturday instead) and had intended to paint all day in London before going to Seago exhibition. Got stuck in traffic jam for four and half hours so that was really annoying. It was a lovely clear day in London but only did two pictures. Not my best thats for sure , but good fun all the same. First one was 8 x 10 at Regents Canal, looking towards Canary Wharf.Tried a different board. Claussens linen stuck to birch made by Sourcetek in America..did nt enjoy it much..very slippery. 2nd was 12 x 16 at dusk in St James Park. Took on something too big for the time of day and ran out of time and light.This is one occassion where I think I will try and do a bit more to finish it off in studio..thats probably what I will do..finish it off! Its 8pm now and I havent ad time to paint today. Im going to try and do another small still life so that I dont miss a day..but I might have to..Maybe two yesterday will count for 1 a day..who cares :-)

Regents canal 8 x 10

Dusk St JAmes Park 12 x 16

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  1. Don't know what your up to, but as far as I can tell your painting 2 or 3 paintings a day now Karl, ... take a brake will you in the end you have to keep alive and healthy you know.